Heritage Village, FL: Spirit Manifestation & EVP

Heritage Village is located in Largo, FL and is a living historical museum. There is a collection of Victorian and Edwardian houses as well as an old general store, beach cottage, church, schoolhouse, sponge dock house, and train station.  Each building and house were located in various places around the Tampa Bay area but have been moved to the Heritage Village property over the past few decades for preservation and for public education and enjoyment. Kids visit for field trips and Christmas fairs are popular there, but is there a darker side to the Heritage Village? We believe there might be…

Plant-Sumner House: Ghostly Activity?

At least two families have lived in the Plant-Sumner House over the years since its establishment in the mid 1800’s. This is a quaint, two-story building complete with plumbing (which was abnormal for that time), decorative fireplace, kitchen, and narrow staircase. There haven’t been any paranormal investigations done, that I can find in my research. And most of the haunted legends of Heritage Village don’t mention the Plant-Sumner House. But we might have proof there’s something paranormal there…

A possible spirit manifestation at the Plant-Sumner House shown in the photo below. This picture was taken during broad daylight.  We were sight-seeing at Heritage Village, walking around to each building, snapping pictures and also doing short EVP sessions.  I can’t say that we felt any goose bumps in the Plant-Sumner House or any other odd feelings that we usually encounter when we feel a spirit present.  The interesting part is out of the 3 hours of sight-seeing, snapping random pictures and doing EVP sessions, this Nursery is the only place we acquired a picture with a possible spirit manifestation along with an EVP of a spirit directly answering my question, “Do you want to play”.  (Audio Clip to follow) A Spirit VERY close to me answered in an evil-sounding voice either “No or Go”! Then I made the comment, “Ok I’m going to go now”, and another man’s voice is captured in the distance saying “What’s That”!  By the way, I did not hear any of this until I reviewed our evidence.  Look on the floor between the rugs, next to the sunlight coming through the window and you will see what we believe is a possible spirit manifestation.  This is not a reflection or sunlight from the window.


In addition, we captured a Grade A EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) with two unidentified voices. You can hear me ask, “anyone want to play?” Then directly after, one unidentified voice says “No” and the other says “What was that?”

Train Station: Paranormal Experiences

The Train Station on the premises gave us feelings of heaviness in the chest, not to mention a morse code machine that only seems to go off when we come into the room. This has happened to us twice upon entering the train station, yet when we questioned the tour guides there they claim the morse code machine “only goes off with certain people” and not every time someone steps into the room. It is not automated – one must push a button to activate it. This leads us to believe the button’s wiring could be bad. OR is the ghost of a train station worker trying to communicate?

It is possible with all of the activity of people going in and out of the station of the years, a residual energy has stuck around the station causing the feelings of foreboding. The young volunteer tour guides laughed off the morse code experience and said nonchalantly, “oh yeah, we have a ghost here.” They laughed, but they were also serious. Is there a ghost in the old train station at Heritage Village? We may have to go back and investigate further in the future to determine.

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