Mechanicsville, MD: B&B Apparition

If you live in Maryland, perhaps you’ve heard of its grisly past. One of the first colonies established in the New World, Maryland has seen its fair share of sickness, war, and death. In the North, the Battle of Antietam in Sharpsburg, MD is called one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War. Further south, at Point Lookout, a prisoner of war encampment was set up at a summer resort by the Union. Civil War soldiers are still seen roaming the woods and the roads at Point Lookout. Not to mention the story of John Wilkes Boothe’s ride through the Zekiah Swamp to Dr. Mudd’s House in Waldorf, MD. These are just a few of the historic tales that have left impressions in our history books and have left potential spirits on our land. Mechanicsville, MD has no shortage of historic buildings and homes dating back to the eighteen hundreds (sometimes older), and many hold their own secrets and ghostly legends like the Bed and Breakfast we investigated recently.

Mechanicsville Haunting? B&B ApparitionWhile performing our investigation at the historic Bed and Breakfast, we caught this blatant apparition. I was randomly taking still pictures throughout the house and the picture before and after showed no evidence. So you can see why this one was surprising! We don’t believe it’s a flying bug or dust, but maybe I either scared something in to the room or scared it out.  I didn’t see this while I was taking the picture, only after I reviewed the evidence.  This was an exciting investigation. We saw shadow figures, heard footsteps, knocks and bangs. Plus, in reviewing the audio evidence, disembodied voices are caught saying names.

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