3 Notch Rd Haunting in Mechanicsville, MD with CRAZY Ghost Photo

Take a close look at the photo in this post. What appears to be smoke is absolutely not. No one was smoking in the home at the time this photograph was snapped on a disposable Kodak camera in the early 2000’s. There are some brown marks from aging, but the key evidence here lies in the possible ghostly apparition in front of the young girl in the photo. Some have said the image looks like a horse, while a psychic friend stated she saw an old woman…AND a little boy in the background. If you look in the lower right corner, you’ll see a small dog seemingly playing with something. Above him, looking out the bay window is the silhouette of a little boy. You’ll notice we’ve encircled his image in red…notice his shoulder, jacket collar, even his hair, ear and the side of his face. The image of the little boy seems to be connected by a strand to the whispy form standing in front of the girl.


The two-story house in which this photo was taken is located on 3 Notch Road in Mechanicsville, MD and is well over a hundred years old. Behind the house is a county trail, but before it was made into a county trail, it was a railroad in the late eighteen hundreds. A Spanish coin from the late eighteen hundreds was found while digging in the garden in the back of the house, indicating lots of traffic going through this property over a span of hundreds of years. In addition, in the woods out back is an old cemetery. A few individuals have died in the home over the years, including an old woman and a little boy approximately three years of age. The old woman used to tell her family stories of a little boy named “Little Boy Blue” who supposedly visited her in her last years in the house. She also told tales of a man named Mr. Brown. The family didn’t know if they were delusions or not.

The spooky photograph with a possible apparition is just one small detail to a potentially very haunted home. In addition to the creepy photo, the residents have heard, seen, and felt many things in the home including footsteps, voices, and children’s toys going off in the dead of night. The residents claim to feel as though someone is watching them, or chasing them up or down the stairs. On one occasion, two miniature horses flew off the shelves on the living room wall without explanation. A white, wispy apparition has been seen by two of the residents out back of the home, flying speedily from one point to the other. The animals in the home have been known to seemingly play with invisible objects or bark and growl at thin air.

Is this Mechanicsville home haunted? The 3 Notch Paranormal Investigations Team believes it’s a possibility and plan to one day do a full investigation to debunk or prove the existence of the spirits in this old home.



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