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ACTIVE Unforgettable Bed & Breakfast Investigation!

At a local Bed and Breakfast Inn in Southern Maryland, the 3 Notch Paranormal Team recently conducted a thorough investigation and were moved by our evidence and collective experience. This is one of those investigations that will go down in history for our team as one of the most active and unforgettable!

There’s no doubt this Bed and Breakfast Inn has an interesting history. The waterfront farmhouse itself dates to the late seventeen hundreds. In 1814, five hundred British troops landed on the property and no doubt left some sort of residual energy for years to come. Not to mention the Native tribes that once lived in the area. The owners asked us to investigate because of numerous experiences they’ve had over the years. The owners and caretaker have seen orbs, heard disembodied voices, whole conversations, they’ve dealt with items being moved, electrical disturbances, and heard children’s giggles. It’s no wonder the team experienced the things we did.

EVPs and Sounds in the Attic

There were three of us at the investigation that began at 7 pm. One of the first memorable moments was when all three team members were in the attic and, in addition to getting EMF readings and EVPs of a man’s voice, we could hear the sound of a battle going on outside of the house. Not only did we hear gunshots and drums but it sounded like actual cannons were firing! We decided to hurry outside to investigate the sounds. Upon descending from the second floor, we were hit with the unmistakable smell of sulfur. The aroma had filled the entire first floor. We rushed outside with our equipment and, of course, the battle sounds had ended entirely.


Contact in the Dining Room

In the Dining Room, the team attempted to contact the spirits using candle flame. When a team-member asked the spirits to answer her questions, it seemed as if they were answering by making the candle’s flame burn higher and brighter. During the candle session, the video-recording of the hallway showed our motion sensor light turning off and on repeatedly and randomly with no one in the hallway to set it off. Also, in the Dining Room but at a different time during the investigation, a team member noticed the chandelier swinging. She began to record the chandelier, and in reviewing the video (posted above) on her phone, noticed something pretty terrifying. A solid black figure, the size of a child, darts in front of her and across the dining room! The team agrees we’ve never seen anything like it our entire lives. When freezing the video to examine the entity, there are no distinguishable features but it is definitely the height and build of a child. See the still-frames of the figure in the dining room video below:


Creepy Cat EVP in the Dining Room

While investigating the Dining Room, we also caught a creepy electronic voice phenomenon. When we went back and listened to the EVP, you can hear an indiscernible noise like the sound of a cat or maybe a child. No cats nor children were present in the Bed and Breakfast during the investigation – just three adult team members. Listen to the EVP here:

A Child on the 2nd Floor

On the second floor, we acquired intriguing evidence in the bedrooms. In the twin bedroom, during our EVP session, a FIGURE appears on the bed and bounces up and down for three minutes. Then when the figure disappears, a team member notes dirt on the bed (also recorded in the EVP session). Something is thrown at us and we are all stunned at this moment. In the bedroom over the kitchen, we conduct another EVP session and ask the spirit to come sit on the chair. A few minutes later the EMF detector shoots to the highest red setting. This EMF reading happens again later that night in the same bedroom. In the master bedroom, something is thrown at us again and also captured in our EVP recordings.

Soldiers’ Figures in the Kitchen

Perhaps our most noteworthy piece of evidence (if we had to choose only one!) occurred in the kitchen. A team member follows two orbs that had descended from the ceiling and flew into the kitchen. Using the SLS box, a team member records a figure lying on the kitchen table. She begins to talk to it, asking its name, whether it’s injured and if it’s a soldier, etc. The figure doesn’t answer by voice but waves to her. His leg kicks the chair and you can see the chair physically move on the video. It appears there’s another entity “working” on the figure on the table. We believe it may have been a soldier and a doctor or another soldier trying to help. The figure stayed on the table for three minutes, and during this time it was noted by a second team member the kitchen’s temperature was very cold. The photos below show the captured SLS video with the 2 possible soldiers.


The Basement

Towards the end of the investigation, the team checks out the basement. You can hear something being thrown at us a THIRD TIME on the EVP recording and our immediate reaction. Was someone playing tricks on us or trying to drive us out? The basement EVP session can be heard here:


The 3 Notch Paranormal Investigation Team has conducted multiple investigations in the local area, but we have never collected such convincing evidence. Nor have any of us been in a place so active with paranormal activity! We didn’t just get clear EVPs and EMF readings, we were able to film a solid figure and multiple figures on the SLS! We heard the residual sounds of a battle outside. And three times we had physical objects literally thrown at us. In conclusion, we agree as a team that this local Bed and Breakfast Inn is HAUNTED.







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