Paranormal Evidence

Haunted Savannah #2: EMF Reading Photos and Videos!!!

In our first installment, the 3 Notch Paranormal Investigations Team detailed their unforgettable paranormal experiences and captured evidence in Haunted Savannah, GA. In this installment, we are specifically focusing on the EMF readings caught while visiting this incredibly restless city.

We first noticed the EMF reader spiking while in the Owens-Thomas Slave Quarters when a team member walked across a patch of the original floorboards. Unfortunately, no photos or videos were able to be taken of the EMF spike at that time (it happened so fast and our tour guide was moving us in a different direction!)

Next, we acquired a photo of an EMF spike to yellow then red during a ghost tour walk just outside Colonial Park Cemetery (the most haunted spot in the entire city). You can see that photo here:


Next, while on a separate stroll through Colonial Park Cemetery, one team member found a potential ancestor (as mentioned in the first installment). While talking to her ancestor and nearing his gravestone, she held the EMF reader and we caught it on video spiking to red the closer she got to him. When our team leader tried to mimic her words and held the EMF in HER hand, the readings stayed on green. Watch one of the videos of the EMF spike at her ancestor’s grave here:



While we didn’t catch the EMF spiking at this particular grave in Colonial Park Cemetery, we DID catch a video with green orbs flying over the person’s grave. We hope to post that video with the orbs in the next installment of Haunted Savannah.


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