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AMAZING! Moll Dyer’s Spirit on Moll Dyer Rock! SLS Video Capture

The team recently had the pleasure of investigating Moll Dyer Rock in Historic Leonardtown, MD. If you’ve never heard the Moll Dyer legend, it’s pretty famous in Southern Maryland. You don’t have to ask too many people in St. Mary’s County before you find someone who heard the story growing up and who may have also gone looking for her ghost somewhere on Moll Dyer Road. Or near the infamous Moll Dyer rock.

Legend has it that a seventeenth-century local woman named Moll Dyer was accused of witchcraft by the nearby villagers. The winter had been particularly bleak and famine was taking lives, so they had to blame someone or something. Moll Dyer was known to be good with herbs and remedies, and so she must have been a witch, right? Well, an angry mob went to Moll Dyer’s cabin in the woods one cold, Winter night and lit her home on fire. It drove the poor woman from her home in the bitter cold and ultimately to her untimely death.

Years later a large rock with handprints was found in the Leonardtown woods. Was this the rock where Moll Dyer died that night? Frozen to death and leaving her mark on the cold stone? The 3 Notch Paranormal Investigations Team decide to find out for ourselves! We acquired some incredible evidence including EVP and this amazing SLS video with what appears to be Moll Dyer’s spirit on the rock itself!

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