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PARANORMAL Series: Haunted Southern Maryland – Series Premiere September 10th

Are you into the spooky, scary and addicted to paranormal TV? So are we and we are getting ready to release our first ever SERIES PREMIERE!!! Find us on YouTube, subscribe and be sure to set notifications so that you are notified when new episodes are released! Join us as we investigate haunted homes, abandoned buildings, and historical markers. Our first episode is called A Witch’s Stone. Check out our cover photo, the trailer here and SUBSCRIBE!

Watch The Series Premiere Trailer:

3 thoughts on “PARANORMAL Series: Haunted Southern Maryland – Series Premiere September 10th”

  1. Hello, you guys should check out the museum in Brunswick, MD.
    I lived there, in a small apartment as a child. (Early 80s)
    Since then I think the museum has expanded, but when I was there I saw an apparition, a woman figure in my bedroom at night. She was dressed in older clothes, like maybe civil war or before. Long sleeved white dress tho with dark hair.

    If I had the equipment or resources I would love to spend time there trying to get evidence nobody can deny. My interest has become greater in the paranormal over the last few years because I was told as a child it was a dream. I know that is not true because I continued to experience odd things throughout my life, and others now say that museum is haunted also.
    Since others have said it, it makes me feel a little better, but I’d love to see a deep investigation done!!!!

    Sorry if this is hard to follow, I wanted to give pertinent info wit a little background.


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