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Jericho Covered Bridge: Our EXCITING Investigation of A Haunted Site in Maryland

There’s something about covered bridges that draw paranormal investigators like moths to the flame. It seems every covered bridge left in the United States has some spooky story to tell. Recently, the 3 Notch Paranormal Investigations Team traveled a bit north, to Harford County, Maryland, to investigate the old Jericho covered bridge. Here’s our exciting evidence and a bit of its haunted history…

Why is Jericho Covered Bridge SO Haunted? It’s History and Our Theories

The Jericho covered bridge is the last remaining of its kind in the state of Maryland. Constructed in 1835, the original use was to connect Harford and Baltimore counties to allow for industrial trade between the blacksmiths, cotton mills, wrought iron works and flour mills. David Lee II is believed to have pushed for the construction of the bridge. He was known to manufacture guns for the Revolution.

Clearly, this historical spot has seen its share of traffic over the past one hundred sixty+ years…horse-drawn carriages, laborers and soldiers on-foot, farm equipment and automobiles of all kinds. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

While the bridge itself has been renovated a few times to keep it up to safety standards, there are still parts of the original that remain. As do the spirits… A large renovation was undertaken recently and seems to have stirred up extra activity. We know renovations of old homes and buildings may disturb the spirits present, so this paranormal rule also applies to bridges and other structures.

There have been multiple eyewitnesses who claim their vehicles stall out in the middle of the Jericho Covered Bridge. And when they look up, they see feet dangling from the rafters. Theories as to whose feet these are vary from lynched slaves to suicidal teenage lovers and Civil War soldiers. In addition to the grisly site of disembodied feet, a woman with a burnt face, a ghostly girl with flowers, and an animal-like being have been spotted on and around the bridge.

In doing further research on the deaths in the Gunpowder area, drownings and biking accidents are a common occurrence. In 2000, a four-year-old boy drowned not too far from the bridge. As did a grown man in 2018. And more recently, a bicyclist was struck and killed by a vehicle. Even though these drownings didn’t happen under the bridge, the water itself carries these tragic memories. With all the history and haunted hub-bub, we decided we had to check it out for ourselves!

Our EXCITING Evidence that Jericho Covered Bridge Is Haunted

It was a sunny day when we visited and investigated the old Jericho Covered Bridge. We weren’t sure we’d get much evidence in the middle of the day…but lo and behold, the spirits were out to play. According to our evidence and experiences, we believe the old covered bridge is haunted by at least a few ghosts.

In addition to getting multiple words and names on the Ovilus, our SLS video camera caught an interesting image…if you watch the first video below, you’ll see what appears to be the image of a large being climbing the interior wall. What’s eerie about this is it reminded us of the stories of people climbing to the rafters to commit suicide.

SLS Spirit Image Climbing the Interior Wall…

The silhouette stays on the SLS for quite a few frames and in the next video, I ask the spirit to wave if it can see us. It appears to wave immediately upon my request!

The SLS spirit image seems to wave after my request:

But that’s not the only image we caught on the SLS at Jericho Covered Bridge…in the next frame, we have a second figure joining the first. This one is much smaller but also appears to be climbing the interior wall of the bridge. Could these be the spirits whose feet appear in the rafters? Are they soldiers, slaves, or the souls of teenage lovers?

A second haunting image joins the first on the SLS…

We took quite a few videos and photos, and interestingly, when a few locals approached us, the ghostly images on the SLS dissipated. The energy on the Jericho Covered Bridge is intense, and my daughter was even able to feel it through the videos. She said the energy was “chaotic” and agreed with us that the water below the bridge may act as a conduit of spiritual frequencies. We also felt there was some sort of elemental guardian near the bridge, and later after finding the story of an animal-being that frequents the bridge, we are convinced there may be more than just soldiers’ spirits there. Little Gunpowder Falls is not too far from the site, which also has a rich history.

Have YOU Had GHOSTLY Experiences at Jericho Covered Bridge or Jerusalem Mills?

If you have paranormal evidence or ghostly stories of the Jericho Covered Bridge in Maryland, comment below or email us at We would love to hear and learn more about this historic haunted site.

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