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309623 Notch Paranormal Investigations Introduces

JEANNIE C.: Founder & Lead Investigator

Originally from Prince George’s County, Jeannie now hails from historic St. Mary’s County, Maryland. She is first and foremost a mom of two amazing children and “G-Maw” to two beautiful grandchildren. Dedicated paralegal by day AND passionate Paranormal Investigator by night. With over twenty-five years’ experience in the legal field, Jeannie applies her critical thinking, observation and para-forensic research skills to every paranormal investigation.

Jeannie’s other interests include collecting supernatural oddities. A few of her favorites include a haunted Amish doll, an Ouija board “created by a serial killer”, voodoo dolls, a Tawain good luck spirit and an excommunicated Priest’s rosary beads. She hopes to one day have a collection that rivals the Lorraine Warren’s.

Her curiosity and interest in the paranormal were sparked at a young age. Throughout her entire life, Jeannie has lived in numerous haunted houses – one in which a hunch-backed spirit lurked in the basement, another in which footsteps and disembodied voices have been heard, and yet another where she’s witnessed full-body apparitions right outside her kitchen window! Because of her experiences, Jeannie seeks to find answers and loves to help others who have similar paranormal stories.

Jeannie has diplomas in Paranormal Investigations-101, Modern Demonology, Advanced Scientific Theory and Analysis.



3 Notch Paranormal Investigations Is Proud to Introduce

TRACY N. LECLERC: Lead Investigator

Tracy is a Calvert County, Maryland native where her and her husband of 33 years raised two remarkable children and have been blessed with three beautiful grandchildren!  For more than a decade Tracy has worked at a prestigious Southern Maryland law firm where she is an Administrative Assistant and Front Desk Manager.

Throughout her life Tracy has always been interested in the mysteries of the unknown. She has spent most of her life watching Unsolved Mysteries, paranormal shows and reading stories of Ghosts and Hauntings.  When her daughter was 15 years old and needed to gain driving experience hours, Tracy would research local hauntings and together they would explore each one.

Tracy’s other interests include treasure hunting, history and astrology.  Tracy uses a Metal Detector to uncover and locate items of interest from past generations as she learns about their history, value and the people who once owned them.  In looking to the stars Tracy believes that esoteric studies is one of many tools we are given to chart our course through life.  These interests are assets in our paranormal investigations.

Tracy has the gift of intuition.  From Albert Einstein to Steve Jobs, countless thinkers, artists, and inventors have acknowledged that intuition is critical to human success.  Tracy says, “you have to trust yourself and have the courage to follow your heart and gut.”

After joining 3 Notch Paranormal Investigations team in 2018, she has been able to follow her curiosities and discover more about the spirits that we share this world with.  She truly enjoys being part of a team that helps people who are experiencing unexplained phenomenon and investigates and and searches for the truth.


We’re here to help businesses or families that are plagued by the possibility of ghosts, poltergeists or other haunting specters. We study the different types of paranormal activities, a typical case study of a “Haunting”, the essential investigating equipment, the investigating process and how to deal with the aftermath of an investigation.”